Protocol Lead

This Is A Fit For You If...

You’re as skilled at Solidity as you are curious about how people feel when they interact with blockchains. You’ve got a strong background in writing clean, well-documented code. You’re excited by systems and think critically about the impact of every function call. You think there are exciting new ways to capture value onchain that haven’t been fully explored yet, and want to work with a team that feels the same way and is obsessed with proving that out. You’ve got an unrepentant desire to build things that feel like magic.

Bonus points if any of the following apply: you’ve got IRL friends you originally met online, and online friends you originally met IRL, and sometimes you can’t keep track anymore; you’ve spent time moshing in backyards or dancing in warehouses and then talking about it afterwards on forums or in groupchats; you have encyclopedic knowledge of something hyper-specific that most people don’t know about and just want someone to listen to you about it for a few minutes.

Key Responsibilities


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